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Ponies for Sale Advertising

Advertisements on the British Connemara Pony Society (BCPS) Web Site and Printed Sales List are restricted to registered Connemara ponies and Part-Breds that are resident within the jurisdiction of the BCPS. The "jurisdiction" of the British Connemara Pony  Society is the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland), the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Ponies for Sale may be advertised for 3 Months on the website and printed lists for a single payment of £10 and may be submitted by members of the BCPS and non-members.

Please either:

  • Login to the Sales and Promotions section of this website. View MY ADVERTISEMENTS under your ACCOUNT. You will be able to enter your advertisement and pay for it via Paypal. Your Advertisement will be manually checked and released once payment has been received.
  • Complete an Online Advertisement Form which will be emailed. In this case, cheques should be made payable to "BCPS".
  • Download an Advertisement Form(.pdf), complete this and sent it with your payment to the address on the form. In this case, cheques should be made payable to "BCPS".

Copyright Permission

  • Photographs submitted with adverts MUST have copyright cleared before being placed on this site. The responsibility for this is on those submitting adverts. Numerous court cases have now been taken and won for breach of photographic copyright.(Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988)

Chronicle Advertising

For all general enquiries about the content, please contact the Editor

Lady Scott Tel: 01323 811446. Email: louki.scott(at)

For enquiries about advertising in the Connemara Chronicle please contact the Advertising Editor

Alexandra Summerfield Email: connemaraads(at)

Volume 39 - 2011 and back numbers of the Chronicle are available from the Online Shop . If you are resident outside the EU, please contact the Secretary : secretary(at)

BCPS Stallions Advertising

Registered Stallions may be included in the Showcase Stallion Lists free of charge.

To add a Stallion

Please send the details of the new Stallion to advertising(at) The Stallion will added to your account. If you do not have a BCPS Sales and Promotions account, please register here. (Please note that this account is different to the Show Entry System account)

To change a Stallions details

Please login to the Sales and Promotions section of the website. From your ACCOUNT, you will be able to edit details of your Stallions, add extra photos etc.


A series of worldwide financial scams involving buying items, including horses, is reported to be on the increase. At least one vendor on the BCPS Sales List has received an email like this in spite of the fact that the vendor's email address does not actually appear on the web site.

It would appear that the scam involves the bogus purchaser sending a cheque for the purchase price plus the freight charges to the seller, who is then asked to forward the freight money on to a bogus freight company. However, the seller is asked to forward this money fairly soon after receipt of the cheque and the cheque is then stopped prior to clearance.

  • Check very carefully the authenticity of any e-mail from abroad (particularly African countries) purporting interest in purchasing a horse or pony
  • Check their credentials very carefully and do not ship a horse prior to ensuring all monies are paid in full
  • Ensure any cheques / money orders are not counterfeit & have cleared fully
  • Consult your bank if in doubt about cheque clearance

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