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How to Use the Online Advertisement System

All advertisements are shown within Sales (Online Shop) part of the website and require a login for that particular part of the system. If you had an advertising account previously with the BCPS, you may already have an Advertising Account, so please try your login - it may work. If not, please register for an account.

We hope that the system is (fairly) self-explanatory. If not, please let us know what difficulties you have had and we will make changes to ensure that it is clearer.


Online Access

Sales Top Menu

At the top of screen of the Online Shop you will see your Account and Basket Menu. Click on Account for the Dropdown Menu showing the Login option

Once you are logged in, you will see a menu like the one shown on the Right. You will be taken automatically to your Dashboard Page which will show details of any purchases you have made.

For the purposes of Advertising, you need to select My Advertisements. Once there, you will be able to Add a New Advertisement.

For "Ponies for Sale", there will be 2 "Save" buttons:

  1. Save to allow you to come back and edit the Ad later
  2. Save and Add to Basket to save and allow you to pay for the Ad. Once the Ad has been added to the Basket, follow the standard Checkout process to pay for the Ad. The Ad will become live when it has been paid for and after it has been approved by the BCPS.



Your Online Account

Your Online Account has these Options

BCPS Online Advertising

After you have logged into the Online System, click on My Advertisements to Add/Change your Advertsiements for:

  • Ponies for Sale
  • Ponies Wanted
  • Ponies for Loan
  • Stallions Showcase

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