BCPS Council

0845 604 9690
01420 89114

Sub-Committees, Officers and Representatives 2019

Treasurer Geth Tillin secretary(at)britishconnemaras.co.uk
Sales List and website Geth Tillin secretary(at)britishconnemaras.co.uk
Chronicle Advertising Alexandra Summerfield connemaraads(at)gmail.com
Chronicle Editor Louki Scott louki.scott(at)btinternet.com
Publicity Kate Walters katewalters(at)holnest.com
Welfare Officer/NEWC Barbara Bagshaw - Helen Horsfall barbara.bagshaw(at) talktalk.net - helenhorsfall(at)hotmail.co.uk
Regional Representatives Liaison Gill Evan gillevan(at)supanet.com
NPS (M&M Breeds) Jackie Webb jspwebb(at)aol.com
The British Horse Society Geth Tillin secretary(at)britishconnemaras.co.uk
Joint Measurement Board Jackie Webb jspwebb(at)aol.com
Native Ponies GB Geth Tillin secretary(at)britishconnemaras.co.uk
Confederation of Breed and Show Societies Jackie Webb jspwebb(at)aol.com


Registrations Committee

Helen Horsfall, Julie Somervail, Jackie Webb, Rebecca Bond, Gill Evans, Henrietta Knight (chair), Barbara McGrath, Sophie James, Kate Walters, Anne Ward

Show Committee

Helen Horsfall, Julie Somervail, Jackie Webb,Henrietta Knight (chair), Barbara McGrath, Rebecca Bond, Sophie James, Kate Walters, Anne Ward, Miss M G Evans

Performance Award Scheme Committee

Clare Heald (chairman), Sam Gee, Frances Goodsir, Julia Woods, Kate Simmons, Sally Gibb, Georgina Kester, Dawn Webb, Sandra Parkington, Kate Walters

Probationer Judges Committee

Helen Horsfall, Jackie Webb (chair), Barbara McGrath, Gill Evans, Henrietta Knight, Julie Somervail, Anne Ward

Finance Committee

Gill Evans, Rebecca Bond, Julie Somervail, Henrietta Knight, Jackie Webb, Amanda McHale, Debbie Nickson

Publicity Committee

Rebecca Bond, Henrietta Knight (chair), Sophie James, Kate Walters, Jackie Webb, Julie Somervail, Amanda McHale, Debbie Nickson

The Council

President Mrs B Sanders
President Elect Mrs M Low
Chairman Miss H Knight
Vice Chairs Mrs J Webb & Mrs J Somervail
Secretary Geth Tillin
Mrs A McHale Mrs D Nickson
Mrs R Bond Miss G Evans
Miss S James Mrs H Horsfall
Mrs B McGrath Mrs K Walters
Mrs A Ward

The Chairman and Vice Chairmen also sit on all Committees

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