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Private HWSD Test

All foals have been tested for HWSD at the time of registration by the CPBS since 2016 and by the BCPS since 2017.  However, some older ponies are tested privately, usually when they change hands as part of the vetting.The result of a test for HWSD carried out by a recognised laboratory and where the hair sample has been taken by a vet, may  be stamped in the pony's passport by the BCPS  provided that the  vet has completed the Society's Private Test form .Please make sure that you send a copy of the test result to the Office with  the passport.

Purchasing a pony.

Please ensure to check and ask when purchasing a Connemara Pony for their HWSD Test result.
From 2016 all foals bred in Ireland and registered in their stud book have their test result recorded in the back page of their passport.  From 2017 all foals bred in the UK have been tested for HWSD and have the result recorded in their passport.
You can ask the BCPS Secretary if the pony has been tested through the BCPS office.
If you are in doubt ask the vendor to have the pony tested.
Also please ask for the stallion’s test result when taking a mare to stud. We would encourage all breeders to have their mares tested so as not to breed a foal that is positive for HSWD.






2017 was the year when all British foals started to be tested at registration for HWSD. This is to enable the owner to plan any future mating’s and will also enable any future owner, to make informed decisions for that pony through its lifetime.

Please contact me if you would like any information or help regarding HWSD.







HWSD Testing

In 2016 the CPBS amended their Principles regarding testing for HWSD. Any foal registered from 2016 must be tested for HWSD, or be the progeny of a mare and stallion that are both tested through their appropriate Society as non-carriers, (N/N). The HWSD status of the pony is to be stamped in the lifetime document. This means that ponies born/registered in 2016 that do not have their passports stamped will not be eligible to move out of Class 3.

We, the BCPS, have to follow the CPBS Principles as they, as the Parent body, determine the Principles for Registration which all daughter Societies such as ourselves must adhere to.



Notice from Sue Gillingham

Hello Members,

Welcome to the Hoof Wall Separation Disease dedicated Page on your BCPS Society Website.

It can be heartbreaking for a new pony owner to discover their pony has this condition and feel they are out in the cold with no help at all. I hope that by having this page it will enable owners and breeders to find the information they need from our dedicated advisory group.

Although we have this condition, it is not all doom and gloom as some ponies that have tested positive, have very good feet and are able to function normally, or can be managed sufficiently to lead a normal life.

The more we test and the more we find out from the test results, the more this condition is proving to be quite complicated and is certainly not a one size fits all!

But it does prove that we need to test each pony, to give us the information we need as owners, to be able to manage our riding and breeding ponies.


We hope to post as much information as we have and as developments occur, on this website page.




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