New Registrations

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Pony Registrations

Foals should be registered within 6 months of birth, or before 30th November, whichever is sooner, in order to comply with DEFRA regulations. Foals must be microchipped before applying for a passport.

For foals born in 2017 onwards, the cost of registering a pure bred colt foal or a part bred colt or filly foal is £85 for members, which includes the DNA sample testing . 

Anyone wishing to register a foal will be sent a form to complete and return with the registration fee. On receipt of this form, the DNA kit will then be sent out with the silhouette form for the vet to complete. The completed silhouette, DNA kit and original covering certificate are then returned to the office. The application form can also been downloaded from the link below.

If anyone has any questions on the new process, please contact the office on 0845 604 9690 or 01420 89114.

In order to encourage breeders to stay within this legislation, the BCPS will be introducing a levy of £25 per registration for any foal born in 2012 or in later years, who are registered outside of the EU time limit.

Adult Gelding Registrations

As Geldings no longer have to be inspected in order to be registered in the Adult Section of the Stud Book, all that is necessary to get this done is, once the gelding has reached the age of two years or over, it has to be looked at by a Vet.

The Vet should check that its markings and microchip are correct, and sign the passport to this effect. He should also measure the gelding and insert the height he records in the passport in the appropriate section.  It should be stressed that the height measurement is approximate and not to JMB standard. It is also necessary that the gelding has a certification of castration which should have been signed by the Vet when it was gelded. The passport then needs to be sent into the office with the appropriate fee and the passport will be updated to an adult registration.

Under the BCPS showing rules, geldings aged four and over must have an adult registration in order to be eligible to compete or be shown in classes or competitions restricted to registered Mountain and Moorland ponies.

Please note that Irish passports do not have a separate section for adult registrations and, in these cases, your vet will need to provide a letter instead confirming the height and gelding status.

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