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Lanburn Lynetta Obituary



Lanburn Lynetta was the second foal born to Nettina (Marble x Fort Nancy), our foundation mare. We sold her as a 2 year old in 1981 as a brood mare, but bought her back in 1983. I broke her in and brought her on with the help of John Lassetter. I was devastated when she was sold on again against my wishes in 1991, but she came into the ownership of the Palmer family in 1996 who doted on Lyn for her remaining 23 years. Nettie, as she was known to the Palmers, had 4 foals, Lanburn Legato by Cocum Cockalorum, Peachfields Macushla, Folgate Minerva and Folgate Riverdance, all by Hayselden Bacchus. Anne Harries

“We owned Nettie for 23 years and she was a real part of the family. Kate, our daughter, loved her dearly and it was to Nettie she returned when she had an accident with a thoroughbred. Kate now has children of her own and they would clamour to ride Nettie when they came to visit.” Karen Palmer went on to say “She was in regular work until after her 30th birthday, ridden by a friend, to escort my horse on the road. She was wise and reliable but never lost that little spark that made her such fun.  Nettie became a field companion to two other mares and ruled the place.”

At an amazing 39 years old, Nettie sadly had to leave the world. I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit her in 2004 (which involved much crying) and that she found a family that loved her as much as I did.

Pam Clingan LLB(Hons), GGSM

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