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RVC recruiting for a study on tying up - UK based Connemara ponies over the age of 8 years

The Royal Veterinary College are looking for UK-based horses and ponies for our research study into 'tying-up'. Taking part involves supply of hair samples (for DNA profiling) and questionnaire completion. We need:
* Warmblood horses and fully registered Connemara ponies over the age of 8 with no history of tying-up or other muscle-related diseases. 
* Breeds as above, that have tied-up with exercise, at least twice – confirmed by blood testing by a vet.

For more info/to sign up: contact vlindsay18(at)

Learn more online: 
https :// / equine-vet /news/ new-study-on-tying-up-in-horses-and-ponies

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