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BCPS Performance Days - Results

Central Performance Day - Offchurch Bury 3rd October 2020

70 cm 1st Kirtle Just George             Natalie Greasley

           2nd Riversdale Merryweather  Imogen Norton

80cm   1st Carrigoir Max                   Liz Bacon

            2nd Easter Star                     Rosemary Myers

            3rd Tubbervale Bruader          Ruby Loveder

90cm    1st  Dromore Island Boy        Sophie Herterton Davies

             2nd Cloonagh Shadow           Caroline Cook

The classes on 4th October were  cancelled due to bad weather. BCPS Entry Fees will be refunded.

 Southern Performance Day Moreton 4th October 2020

60 cm   No entries

70 cm    1st Fleetwoods Secret Liaison

              2nd Holnest Mactalla

80cm      1st Holnest Serena

90cm      1st Katy Cuthbertson

Sadly there were many withdrawals due to the weather.


Lincs and East Midlands Performance Day Epworth 4th October 2020


70cm     1st Connemara Innellan Woody.. Debbie Nickson 6th Overall

              2nd Connemara Danny.... Emily lacy 12th Overall


80cm      1st Connemara Kiltartan Missy... Sara Hudson 1st Overall

               2nd Connemar Falfield Honey Buzzard...Natasha Fieldsend 8th Overall

               3rd Connemara Deerpark Millie .....Morgan Lowther 15th Overall

               4th Connemara Kilbern Blossom ... Grace Cresswell 16th Overall

90cm        1st Connemara Bellindene Fergal.... Georgina Rooke 4th Overall

                 2nd Connemara Barney...Neve Mumby 5th Overall




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