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Performance Award Scheme News



This year 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the Performance Award Scheme so our Committee hopes you will help us celebrate by joining in the scheme and coming to the prize giving in November.

Performance Award Scheme Clinic followed by lunch and prize giving will be on the 19th November 2017at Home Farm, Leicestershire. Austin O'Connor will be taking the clinic and presenting the prizes after lunch.Please look out for flyers nearer the date.

Apart from recognising the Performance of individual ponies the Scheme was set up 40 years ago to provide information to the society to facilitate the Stallion and Mare Premium Awards for the improvement of the breed. To a large extent this is still the case but things have changed in those 40 years! Whereas then all the ponies entered were British Bred now there are ponies from Ireland and further afield.


We as a committee thought that the 40th Anniversary was a good time to have a look at the Scheme and ensure it was in keeping with the original purpose resulting in quite a few changes. Please read on!


The Mills Trophy and the Phyllis Meade Award will now be awarded to the British Bred pony who is the best ambassador for the Breed during the year.


The Abbeyleix Lucy Trophy will now be awarded to the non British Bred pony who is the best ambassador for the Breed during the year.


The Millfields Commodore Trophy will now be awarded to the registered part-bred who is the best ambassador for the Breed during the year.


All trophies for the individual disciplines will be awarded as before on a points basis and rosettes will be awarded to 6th place.

Breeders trophies will remain unchanged and rosettes for winner and reserve.


The overall points rosettes will be awarded as follows:  6000+ points, 5000+ point, 4000+ points, 3000+ points, 2000+ points, 1000+ points and under 1000 points. These rosettes will be special in our Anniversary year.


The Entry fee for the Scheme is now £12 for members and non-members alike, but in order to win one of our lovely trophies you must be a BCPS member.


We have also agreed a few new amendments to the scoring (hopefully it will be simpler especially in the bonus section!).


·         Only a maximum number of 30 shows/events in Categories 1-14.

·         In category 11a the number of the Dressage test must be stated on the card.

·         In category 12d we’ve added a 50 points bonus for team placings except at PC & RC national finals where the bonuses remain unchanged.

·         In category 1b there are 100 points awarded for placings 7th – 10th.

·         In Category 2 add 100 points for BD Combined Training.

·         In Category 6a& 6b points can only be awarded for a score of 62% or above.

·         Category 8 we’ve included side saddle classes.

·         In category 10 we’ve amended the points and added a 50 point bonus for levels 3 & 4.

·         In category 13 we’ve amended the points and added double points for team placings at PC championships.

·         Category 17 is now 50 points per session.

·         Category 19 is now 50 points.

·         EGB Pleasure rides (with vetting and timing) is increased to 75 points.



Now on to the bonus section


·         Section 3a now has a 50 point team bonus for placings to 6th.

·         Sections 4, 5 and 6 British Dressage, BS Finals and BE Grassroots Championships qualifying is 200 points and double points if placed 1st – 10th in the finals.


Section 7 which covers most unaffiliated Championships as well as NPS M&M WHP and BDS National Championships.


o   7a Local or Regional Championships 25 points for qualifying and 50 points for placings 1-10.

o   7b National Championships 50 points for qualifying and double points for placings 1-10.

o   7c All NPS M&M WHP Championships and BDS National Championships 100 points for qualifying and double points for placings 1-6.

o   Where there is a Championship in 7b & 7c 150 points for Champion and 75 for reserve.

Please note there are no bonuses for non championship classes at Championships.


·         Section 8 HOYS/Royal International/Olympia Qualifiers 150 points for the Ridden Qualifier and 250 for WHP Qualifier.

·         Section 10 covers the points for the Olympia Final.



A lot of amendments! These apply to the whole competition year and have been highlighted in yellow on the website to make them more obvious.


These amended rules can be downloaded from the website or obtained by sending an A5 SAE to Julia Woods, 3 High Street, Cheveley, Newmarket, Suffolk. CB8 9DQ.


We are aware the Rules are complicated and may seem daunting (but hopefully we have simplified them somewhat, especially the bonus section) so we have added a correctly completed card for you to refer to. Also all our e-mail addresses are on the front, don’t worry if your question seems silly we are happy to help! We would rather you called than have an incorrectly completed card in October.


Please note that you must provide the Internet proof of placings. Not only is it very time consuming for us to do it but often the results are no longer available or only go down to 3rd or 4th place.


One last thing! We are working on embracing the 21st Century! Those of our committee who know more about technology and computers than myself are working on you being able to fill in your forms online – don’t worry if you prefer the present method that will still be available. We are intending to try it out on a few ‘guinea pigs’ this year with a view to making it available to you all in future years.


One very last thing! I wish you all a successful season and look forward to meeting friends old and new throughout the year.

Kate Simmons

 on behalf of the Performance Award Scheme Committee.

The Performance Award Scheme - Your Society, Your Ponies

For Pure and Part Breds

Score points for your placings, at all levels. Trophies and Runner-Up Rosettes for each Category.


Show Jumping, Dressage, One-Day-Events, Working Hunter Pony, Driving, Endurance Riding

and more

Recognised Affiliated Events run by:

Pony Clubs, Riding Clubs, National Pony Society, Endurance GB, British Show Jumping Association, British Driving Society, British Dressage

and more

Example of Completed PAS Points Card

Every year, people throw away points by failing to fill in their cards correctly. A flier with examples was sent out with most cards this year, but has also been loaded here. It should make everything quite clear, but if you have any queries, please email

Application & Cost

For further information, please contact:  Clare Heald : pas(at)

New card applications:

Send fee of £12.00 with an A5 SAE to: 

Mrs Julia Woods, 3 High Street, Cheveley, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 9DQ.

Cheques should be made payable to BCPS

Completed Cards

Please return completed cards to Julia Woods at the address above

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