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Probationer Judges

Anyone applying to be a Probationer Judge who is not already an NPS judge has to do an Assessment Day. There need to be six people to run an Assessment Day.  If they are accepted after the Assessment Day they need to probation at three shows and their progress is reviewed by the Probationer Committee. They may be asked to probation for up to three years.

If they get three good feedbacks in a year and the committee agree, they become “starred” judges. As a starred judge, they can judge at local and regional shows, but not at County level or for Championships. Starred judges cannot accept probationers.

At the end of the year they are sent a form asking them to fill in any judging duties they have carried out and if the committee thinks that they have done enough, they become full judges. It can take two/three years to become a fully-fledged judge.

If they are already an NPS Mixed Mountain and Moorland judge, then they need to do two probations with a BCPS Judge for type.

Probationer Judges should attend In-hand Connemara only Classes. Probationing Ridden Connemara Classes is encouraged for extra experience.

BCPS Probationary Judges Scheme

Applicants for the Scheme will fill in the attached form which must be complete as fully as possible

  • Applicants must be members of the B.C.P.S.
  • Applicants will attend an Assessment Day.

Those candidates accepted for the Scheme after the Assessment Day will be put on a Waiting List until there is a vacancy to start their Probationary Judging.

Probationer Judges will be required to attend a maximum of six shows over a period of not more than three years.

The only exception to these Rules are those Judges already on the NPS M&M A' Judges Panel who will be accepted on the scheme without assessment and will be required to do one years Probationary Judging (3 shows) for Type. Applications from other experienced judges will be considered on their merit

Notes on Probationary Judging

Probationers have to make their own arrangements to accompany BCPS Panel Judges to affiliated shows. They must not probation with a judge who had proposed or seconded their application.

When accepted by the Judge, it is necessary to make contact with the Show Secretary in question to ensure that the show will accept a Probationer. If this is agreed the Probationer should then write a letter of confirmation to the Judge.

The Probationer will be given report forms which should be given to the Judge after the class together with a SAE to: The British Connemara Pony Society, 24 Mount Pleasant Road, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1NN marking envelope Probationer Judges Scheme.

Probationary Judges must ...

  • Be suitably and smartly dressed, wear a hat and wear an armband.  (Armband to be their own and is not supplied by the Society).
  • Arrive in good time to meet the Judge.
  • Be prepared to pay your own expenses
  • Accept as strictly confidential any remarks made by the Judge in your presence.
  • Remember the pony is being judged on the day.
  • Do not refer to a catalogue or ask for the breeding of a pony during the judging of a class.
  • Ridden probationers do not ride unless arrangements have been made for them to do so.
  • Remember that classes have to be for Connemara ponies only.
  • Please fill in your name and address and details of the show on the Report Form before handing to the Judge.
  • Please fill in details of show on Report Form before handing to the Judge.

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