Dressage Championship

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BCPS Dressage Championships 2021



2nd April - Moreton EC https://moretondorset.co.uk/

3rd April                - Northcote, BB6 8BE https://www.northcotestud.com/

8th April                - Witham Villa Riding Centre http://www.withamvilla.co.uk/

10th April              - Northallerton EC https://www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk/#

11th April              - Dean Valley, SK71RQ https://www.deanvalley.co.uk/

11th April              - Alsager, ST73RJ http://www.alsagereqc.co.uk/

14th April              - BCPS Chiltern & Thames https://www.facebook.com/events/733253590705283/

18th April              - South Eastern Showing Show (Crockstead EC) http://www.poshnags.com/

18th April              - Burrows Court Farm http://www.burrowscourtfarm.co.uk/  

18th April              - Northcote, BB6 8BE https://www.northcotestud.com/

24th April              - East Soley EC https://eastsoley.com/

24th April              - Moreton EC https://moretondorset.co.uk/

25th April              - Kings Sedgemoor EC https://www.kingssedgemoorequestrian.co.uk/

25th April              - Warren Farm, L370AN https://www.warrenfarmequestrian.co.uk/

25th April              - Queach Farm Stables http://www.queachfarmstables.co.uk/dressage.php



1st May                 - Optimum Event at Martley Hall Stud https://optimumeventmanagement.co.uk/

2nd May                - West Wilts EC http://westwilts.com/whatson.asp

2nd May              - Warren Farm, L370AN https://www.warrenfarmequestrian.co.uk/

6th May                - Witham Villa Riding Centre http://www.withamvilla.co.uk/

6th May                - Kelsall, CW60SR http://www.kelsallhill.co.uk/

8th May                - West Wilts EC http://westwilts.com/whatson.asp

8th May               - Alsager, ST73RJ http://www.alsagereqc.co.uk/

9th May                - SE Connemara Show, Felbridge – See SE Connemara facebook page

9th May                - Dean Valley, SK71RQ https://www.deanvalley.co.uk/

15th May              - Northcote, BB6 8BE https://www.northcotestud.com/

15th May              - Northallerton EC https://www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk/#

23rd May              - West Wilts EC http://westwilts.com/whatson.asp

23rd May              - Burrows Court Farm http://www.burrowscourtfarm.co.uk/

25th May              - Kelsall, CW60SR http://www.kelsallhill.co.uk/

29th May              - East Soley EC https://eastsoley.com/

29th May              - West Wilts EC http://westwilts.com/whatson.asp

30th May              - Queach Farm Stables http://www.queachfarmstables.co.uk/dressage.php

30th May              - Kings Sedgemoor EC https://www.kingssedgemoorequestrian.co.uk/

30th May              - National RDA Training Centre CV34 7AX https://rda-national-training-centre.ecpro.co.uk/



3rd June                - Witham Villa Riding Centre http://www.withamvilla.co.uk/

6th June                - Optimum Event at Martley Hall Stud https://optimumeventmanagement.co.uk/

10th June              - Kelsall, CW60SR http://www.kelsallhill.co.uk/

12th June              - Northallerton EC https://www.northallertonequestriancentre.co.uk/#

13th June              - Warren Farm, L370AN https://www.warrenfarmequestrian.co.uk/

13th June              - Dean Valley, SK71RQ https://www.deanvalley.co.uk/

19th June              - West Wilts EC http://westwilts.com/whatson.asp

20th June              - Burrows Court Farm http://www.burrowscourtfarm.co.uk/

20th June              - Alsager, ST73RJ http://www.alsagereqc.co.uk/

24th June              - Kelsall, CW60SR http://www.kelsallhill.co.uk/

26th June              - East Soley EC https://eastsoley.com/

27th June              - Eastern Connemara Show - https://www.facebook.com/groups/186939138008775

27th June              - SW Connemara Show – https://www.facebook.com/southwestconnemaras/

27th June              - Kings Sedgemoor EC https://www.kingssedgemoorequestrian.co.uk/

27th June              - Queach Farm Stables http://www.queachfarmstables.co.uk/dressage.php



16th July               FINAL – MORETON MORRELL http://www.britishconnemaras.co.uk/shows-competitions/shows/dressage-championship/


2022 Qualifiers


9th October         - Eastern Connemara Dressage Show, Cockrell Inn Farm, Isleham








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