Tam O' Shanter Qualifiers

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Tam O’Shanter Qualifiers


Carole Prentice set up and wholly funded this championship 11 years ago to encourage single mare owners & small breeders to show their broodmares and young stock, and as a way of indirectly promoting stallions.   It also encouraged people to bring young stock to area and county shows by giving them something to aim for, and consequently an incentive to support the breed show.   The BCPS Breed Show is supposed to be the show case for our ponies but it fails to impress if there is a lack of young stock and broodmares who are the future of the breed.   Mature ponies and stallions have ridden classes and dressage to do, including a designated ridden stallion class.   The Championship was named after Carole’s stallion Kirtling  Tam O’Shanter  as he produced many good mares and in her opinion that was his legacy to the breed, rather than a stallion son.    Carole always took a great interest in the visiting mares enquiring about their breeding and CV’s, and Carole always ran a small but select band of quality mares for her stallions.    The ECG are pleased that the demand for the Championship continues.

Please contact the Organiser,

Penny Makinson
TawnyDun Stud
Weathercock Farm
Bury St Edmunds IP29 5RG

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