About The BCPS Shop

The Connemara Pony Breeders Society was founded in Ireland in 1923 with the object of conserving and developing the ponies in the area. Inspections were started to select the best ponies from the existing population for entry into the first volume of the stud book which was published in 1926. This work is still carried out today, with all stock being inspected before acceptance for the stud book. The society purchased their own stallions who travelled round connemara for the service of ponies at very low fees.

The English Connemara Pony Society was founded in 1947 to promote the breed in the British Isles. Now the society has 800 members, and the ponies have become extremely popular for both children and adults alike as they excel in so many fields. The name was changed to the British Connemara Pony Society in 2004.