Breed Show – Dressage and Show Jumping times

Please see the Breed Show Page for Dressage and Show Jumping Class times.

Individual times are published on the Breed Show Page and facebook pages

Dressage Times

Dressage times MUST be kept to, you may go early if your dressage steward allows but you cannot unilaterally amend or miss your times and expect to able to compete. If you miss your times you forfeit the right to compete in your dressage class/championship and it is entirely up to the discretion of the individual dressage judge as to whether or not you will be allowed compete.

We would like to do a formal prizegiving and awarding of sashes to our champions. If you can’t attend please let the Dressage Organiser, Kate Walters know. If you cannot await for your results you must leave an A5 SAE with Kate Walters for sending on your results/rosettes.

Show Jumping Times

Show jumping will be held under BS Club Rules which is single phase. We have small entries – most of the earlier classes are doing the combined training so to allow for clashing with dressage classes times for the show jumping will have to be flexible we have decided to run to these proprosed times but will endeavour to be flexible.

If your dressage is looking as though it will clash with your show jumping time please make yourself known to the Show Jumping Judge/Steward and they will hold the class for you. If you don’t let them know you may well miss your slot and once the height of the jumps have been raised the class will be closed.

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