New Registrations

This page relates only to registering ponies which do not already have a passport.

If you need to register the transfer of ownership of a pony that already has a passport, please visit our Transfer of Ownerships page for more information.


Registering a foal

In order for a pure-bred or eligible part-bred Connemara foal to be issued with a passport, it should be registered with the BCPS within six months of birth or before 30th November in the year of its birth, whichever is later. This is in order to comply with DEFRA regulations, which require all equines to have a passport. For more information, see government guidance. Before applying for registration, the foal must be microchipped by a practising vet.

Anyone wishing to register a foal should complete the Foal Registration Application Form, which can be downloaded from this page.  The form should then be sent to the BCPS Office along with the appropriate registration fee. On receipt of this form, a DNA kit will then be sent out with the silhouette form for the vet to complete. The completed silhouette and DNA kit are then to be returned to the Office.

Please do not book your vet’s visit until you have the full kit, including the hair sample bag.

Once the foal is registered, the BCPS will issue a foal passport. When the passport is received, it should be carefully checked to ensure all the details are correct, and then signed where required on the owner’s page. For more information on passports, please see our Passports page.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Office for more information.

Registration fees

Member Non-member
Pure-bred foal £85.00 £135.00
Part-bred foal £75.00 £120.00

In order to encourage breeders to stay within the DEFRA legislation, the BCPS charge a levy of £25 per registration for any foal registered after 30th November in the year in which it was born.


Part-bred registrations

In order to be eligible for registration in the Part Bred Register, the animal must have both parents named and at least one grandparent registered in the BCPS Stud Book or in the Stud book of a recognised Connemara Society. You can register your part-bred Connemara using the same Foal Registration Application Form as for pure-breds.

Please do not book your vet’s visit until you have the full kit, including the hair sample bag.

As of autumn 2021, a new and comprehensive set of rules regarding part-bred registrations is in force. A copy is available for download from this page. Please also visit our dedicated Part-Bred Connemaras page.


A Member shall be entitled to register with the Society a distinctive breeding prefix for life. The prefix is for the exclusive use of the breeder and must be added to the name of all animals which he breeds. The prefix application form can be downloaded from this page.

A prefix cannot be used by another breeder, except where that person is taking over a herd from its previous owner who has given their written permission to the Secretary for the prefix to be transferred.

For more information on prefixes in the BCPS, please see § 2.10 of the BCPS Rules, which can be downloaded from the About the BCPS page.

Please send applications for new prefix direct to the BCPS.

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