The BCPS runs two shows annually: the Breed Show and the Northern Breed Show. Information on these two shows is updated throughout the year. Please take note of the BCPS Showing Rules and Trimming Rules, which can be downloaded from this page.

This page also includes information on the Tam O’Shanter Championship, which takes place at the Breed Show, and how to qualify.

Regional shows are managed by the regional committees and show details and schedules are usually found on the relevant region’s Facebook page. If your Region has sent us their schedule then these are also available in the table below.  If the Region you are looking for is not listed below please contact your Regional Rep.  To find your Region and the Reps. contact details, please visit our Regions page.

If you would like to know about Affiliated Shows, please see our Affiliated Shows page.

The BCPS Breed Show

Since 1948 the BCPS has held an annual Breed Show, celebrating the best attributes of the Connemara Pony. The Breed Show is now a popular two-day event which includes a variety of competitions that highlight the versatility of the breed, as well as several important BCPS Championships and national Qualifiers. It is also a great social occasion for the BCPS, with members travelling from across the country and often staying for multiple nights, especially for our famous Al Fresco Supper.

The competitions available at the Breed Show include:

  • In-hand showing (including the Tam O’Shanter Championship and NPS Qualifiers)
  • Ridden showing (including HOYS and NPS Qualifiers)
  • Unaffiliated showing
  • Working Hunter Pony (including NPS Qualifiers)



Shows 1

Regional Shows

No Events



Tam O’Shanter Showing and Trimming Rules

Tam O’Shanter Objectives


International Shows

International Connemara Show, Vittel, France – 23rd & 24th September 2023

For more information please click poster below :-

The Tam O’Shanter Championship and Qualifiers

For over a decade, the prestigious Tam O’Shanter Championship has taken place at the main Breed Show with the aim of encouraging particularly one-pony owners and small breeders to showcase their Connemara mares and young stock. This Championship recognises that Connemara mares and young stock are the future of the breed and puts them into the spotlight.

Qualifiers for the Tam O’Shanter are run at affiliated shows all across the UK for pure-bred, BCPS-registered Connemara ponies competing in-hand in the following classes:

  • Yearlings
  • Two-year-olds
  • Three-year-olds
  • Connemara mares

The Championship was originally started by Carole Prentice and is named after her premium stallion Kirtling Tam O’Shanter. Tam O’Shanter produced many high-quality mares, which Carole considered to be his legacy to the breed. Carole always took a great interest in the visiting mares coming to her stallion and ran a small but select band of quality mares herself. The Championship’s current organisers are delighted that demand for the Tam O’Shanter Championship continues today.

For more information on the Championship, please download the Tam O’Shanter Objectives and Showing and Trimming Rules from this page.






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