Information on a stallion’s pedigree and classification will be available on the BCPS database.

To keep the Society’s database as accurate as possible, we rely on stallion owners to inform the BCPS Secretary of any changes to the information regarding their stallions.



Connemara stallions standing at stud in Great Britain

It has been decided to discontinue printing the ‘List of Stallions Registered in the BCPS Stud Book’, as it is impossible to keep the information up to date due to the fact that many owners have not been informing the Society of transfers of ownership or changes to the status of their ponies.

From 2022, owners are invited to place the details of their stallions on a list entitled ‘Connemara Stallions standing at stud in Great Britain’ for an annual fee of £10.00; the resultant list will be published in subsequent Connemara Chronicles and here on the Stallion section of the website. Application forms are available to download from the link above, and applications must be renewed annually to ensure that the list remains relevant and up to date.

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