What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is about protecting people’s rights to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. Safeguarding policies exist to ensure that children, young people and adults at risk are protected or “safeguarded” from abuse and poor practice.

Abuse can include:

  • Physical abuse
  • Psychological abuse (such as humiliation or isolation)
  • Financial abuse (having money or possessions stolen or misused or being coerced into a financial arrangement)
  • Sexual abuse
  • Discriminatory abuse

Poor practice can include:

  • Engaging in rough, physical or sexually provocative games or behaviour
  • Shouting, making negative comments or any other form of bullying towards individuals
  • Showing any form of favouritism
  • Failing to adhere to organisational policies and procedures
  • Engaging in inappropriate relationships with individuals under 18 years of age


Safeguarding in the BCPS

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

It is the responsibility of an organisation like the BCPS to have robust policies and practice in place to deal with any safeguarding concerns and to make sure that the Society’s volunteers are given training to recognise signs of abuse.

The British Connemara Pony Society (BCPS) recognises that the welfare and interests of children, young people and adults at risk are paramount in all circumstances. It aims to ensure that, regardless of age, gender, religion or beliefs, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or socio-economic background, all members:
•    Have a positive and enjoyable experience of sport with the BCPS in a safe environment
•    Are protected from abuse whilst participating in BCPS events

For more information on safeguarding in the BCPS, please consult our safeguarding policies, “BCPS Safeguarding Policy: Adults at Risk” and “BCPS Safeguarding Policy: Children and Young People”, which can be downloaded from this page along with template incident reporting forms.

It is the responsibility of all members, parents/guardians, staff and volunteers to report any safeguarding concerns to the BCPS, either to an official in person or to the Safeguarding Officer by email ( All concerns will be taken seriously and handled with care and respect.

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