Part-Bred Connemaras

Part-bred Connemaras can offer the best of both worlds, with the hardiness, good temperament and versatility of the Connemara breed brought together with the excellent features of other breeds such as Thoroughbreds, Irish Draughts and Sports Horses.

There is a special place in the BCPS for part-breds. We have a Part-Bred Register and offer classes for registered part-breds at our Breed Shows. Registered part-breds can also take part in all our performance competitions: Dressage Championship, Eventing Championship, Performance Days and Performance Award Scheme.




Part-Bred Rules

Registering a part-bred Connemara

In order for a part-bred Connemara to be eligible for registration in the Part-Bred Register, the following must be true:

  • The pony has at least one grandparent registered in the BCPS Stud Book or in the Stud Book of a recognised Connemara Pony Society
  • Both parents are named and the UELN number provided – a covering certificate may also be provided
  • The pony has had a microchip inserted by a practising veterinary surgeon

The pony does not necessarily need to have been conceived/born within the jurisdiction of the BCPS, as long as the Connemara element of its parentage can be verified.

More information on the rules for registering your part-bred Connemara are in the Part-Bred Rules, which can be downloaded from this page. For more information on the registration process, please also see our New Registrations page.

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