CPBS Inspection Amnesty

The Connemara Pony Breeders society posted this notice on their Facebook page and website on the evening of 26th February.

“The CPBS introduced an amnesty for the uninspected progeny of Class 3 parents on
1st March 2024 which allows for these ponies to be presented for inspection and to be
classified according to the Studbook rules. The purpose of this amnesty is to draw in
breeding lines which may have been otherwise lost. The amnesty registration period is
from 1st March 2024 until 31st October 2025 inclusive and owners of such progeny can
present them for classification at the regular inspections organised by the Society
between those dates. This amnesty will cease following inspections in the Autumn of

The Council of the British Connemara Pony Society (BCPS)  have now had time to consider this announcement and have taken the decision not to extend the amnesty to the uninspected progeny of Class 3 parents resident within the jurisdiction of the BCPS.

The progeny of Class 3 parents that have been inspected and classified by the CPBS during the period of the amnesty will be accepted by the BCPS

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