Dressage Times – BCPS Breed Show – Friday 15th July 2022

Arena 1     9.00am – 12.15               Class 28   Prelim 7  (2002)    Restricted final

Arena 1     12.30pm – 1.47              Class 30   Novice 34  (2009) Restricted final


Arena 2     9.00 – 9.35am                  Class 24   Intro B

Arena 2     10.00 – 11.17am             Class 25   Prelim 12 NPS (2005)

Arena 2     12.00 – 12.56pm              Class 31   Novice 34 Open Final


Arena 3     9.30 – 10.19am                Class 27   Intro C (2016) Final

Arena 3     11.00 – 11.21am              Class 26   Novice 24 NPS (2010)

Arena 3     12.00 – 1.10pm                Class 29   Prelim 7  Open Final


Competitors MUST report to the Dressage steward (Jan Funnell) to declare that they are coming forward to ride their test between the allocated times for each class. There will be no individual times given but riders must ride their tests between the times shown.

Riders are to provide their own back or bridle numbers. Most dressage riders now have their own bridle numbers. (A number template can be found on various websites if needed).

Whilst it is preferable that you print your own number the BCPS will be able to provide back numbers if necessary, however they cannot supply bridle numbers so please ensure you bring your own.

When you made your entry you will have received a confirmation email from EntryMaster which gives your back number as well as classes entered.

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