Rule Changes for the Performance Award Scheme

Following our AGM, and after much discussion, our committee has decided on some changes which will apply to the current competition year.  The changes can be seen in full on the BCPS website (https://www.britishconnemaras.co.uk/competitions-events/dressage/)  and will be in the newsletter.  Some points have increased and  there are some bonuses which are now omitted completely.

We have found that the points currently available for Dressage have caused an imbalance, in comparison to the other disciplines. This is partly due to numerous  Associated Championships which have been introduced. We have no doubt that the finals for these are fiercely contested, and still reward placings at these Finals. The previously awarded 25 points for qualifying are no longer available.

This change will affect many of you, but it will ensure a fairer points balance all round.

We have checked last year’s cards yet again with this in mind and, reassuringly, the Dressage order would have remained exactly the same. We sincerely hope it’s a win win decision with the fairness and spirit of the PAS at the heart of this necessary amendment.

An extra!  Working Equitation has been added to our competition list, this scores alongside  Trec points.


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